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Kenfix Super Glue

Kenfix Super Glue (3g)


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This is a cyanoacrylate adhesive, specially designed to provide fast assembly solutions for a variety of materials including plastics, elastomers and metals. It is a one – component adhesive (ready to use), cures at room temperature without requiring heat or light energy. It yields very high strengths to metals, plastics, rubbers, wood and many other substrates.

Available Sizes: 3 g tube
Appearance: Clear
Thinning and Mixing: Ready to use. Not required
Drying Time: 10 seconds
Direction for use:
  • Surface to be bonded must be absolutely dry and free from dust.
  • Tighten the nozzle/cap clockwise in the tube. This action activates the flow of the adhesive.
  • Apply the adhesive in the desired area and apply slight pressure for 10 seconds or until bond sets.
  • Once bonded repositioning of the two surfaces is not possible, therefore care must be taken while bonding the correct positions.
  • Do not use fingers for spreading.
  • Bonds skin instantly, use nail polish remover to remove from skin.
  • Highly flammable mixture, do not expose near open flame and sparks. Use in a well ventilated place.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Eye irritant.
  • Do not swallow, if swallowed, seek medical advice immediately.


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