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G.I.Plain Sheet

30g (2mx1m)

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These are value added steel products which are tough, sturdy, light weight, bright, corrosion resistant and easy to transport.

The use of GI sheets gives the following advantages:-

  • Less maintenance cost – GI sheets are virtually maintenance free and last longer.
  • Long life -The life expectancy of GI sheets is quite high in rural, urban and coastal environments.
  • Reliability. Galvanizing is usually carried out as per standards and minimum coating thicknesses are applied. Coating life and performance are reliable and predictable.
  • Toughest coating – A galvanized coating has a unique metallurgical structure which gives outstanding resistance to mechanical damage in transport, erection and service.
  • Automatic protection for damaged areas – Galvanized coatings corrode preferentially to steel, providing cathodic or sacrificial protection to small areas of steel exposed through damage. Unlike organic coatings, small damaged areas need no touch up.
  • Complete protection – Every part of a galvanized iron sheet is protected.
  •  Ease of inspection – Galvanized coating is assessed readily by eye, and simple non-destructive thickness testing methods can be used.
  • The surface of GI sheet is aesthetically pleasing.


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